Non-surgical Hair Restoration for Men

Hair Solutions for Men in NJ, NY & CT

Your hair is an important part of your look. Great hair defines your image at the workplace as much as a new suit or tie, and a healthy, full head of hear can make all the difference in both your appearance and your confidence. For men, having a great haircut is about more than just looking good – it’s a key ingredient in self esteem and defining your presence as a successful person.

Hair Solutions understands the impact hair loss can have on both the way you look and feel. That’s why our talented staff will provide a customized, personal, non-surgical hair restoration solution for you. Every man has different hair. Prior to developing a customized system for you, the experienced staff at Hair Solutions will first consult you and help select a solution that best suits your hair type as well as your lifestyle. (You can get more information on one type of option here – hair toppers and lace front hair replacement systems.)

hair replacement for men

Hair Solutions is a full service hair restoration studio that will provide you with a luxurious and complete experience. From the initial consultation all the way through to the fitting of your new look, Hair Solutions ensures that your hair replacement experience will be relaxing, enjoyable and that you’ll walk away with the hair you used to have!

Find the personalized solution that’s right for you. Visit Hair Solutions today, call us at 973-857-4247, or request an appointment through our website right now!