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Bill Calvitti, owner of Hair Solutions in Cedar Grove, NJ, has been working in the hair restoration industry for over 40 years. He shares his expertise on hair loss, hair health, hair management, hair replacement and much more here.

Nutrition and Your Hair

Bill Calvitti - Thursday, January 06, 2011

Whoever coined the phrase "you are what you eat" was probably thinking about the health of their hair when they said it.

With the exception of our bone marrow and the cells that form the lining of our stomach, the cells of the hair bulb reproduce at a greater rate than any other body cells.  Because of its rapid growth, hair is very sensitive to internal or external changes that may affect our body.  Hair loss or dull dry hair is often the first indicator to a developing internal disturbance.  It’s little wonder then that the condition of our hair is directly affected by the food we eat or don’t eat.

In this country, most people will have an adequate protein intake.  However, some groups such as the elderly, those with physical or chronic psychiatric disabilities, young children, people who are too poor to purchase high protein foods or those ignorant of their nutritional requirements, can be at risk.

When protein intake is inadequate, the hair becomes fine and thin. That is when hair breakage, split ends or hair loss usually result.  Fortunately, particular foods eaten at the right time of day can dramatically improve the condition, density and strength of our hair.  Our skin, including our scalp, will all reap the rewards of an improved diet.  Remember to drink at lease six to eight glasses of water per day and eat vegetables, salads and fruits in wide varieties.

If you are experiencing hair loss or scalp problems, always contact the advice of a trichologist or hair loss specialist.  If someone is advertising treatments for these conditions, inquire what their qualifications and experience are.

Bill Calvitti is a trained trichologist and owner of Hair Solutions, a full service hair replacement studio in Cedar Grove (

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