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Bill Calvitti, owner of Hair Solutions in Cedar Grove, NJ, has been working in the hair restoration industry for over 40 years. He shares his expertise on hair loss, hair health, hair management, hair replacement and much more here.

Today's Hair Management Systems - Not Your Father's Hair

Bill Calvitti - Thursday, April 07, 2011

Technology has given the non-surgical hair replacement industry many new tools for the professional's toolbox. Today, it is a fashion and styling accessory for both men and women from all walks of life. No, these are not your father’s hair systems.

Hair management has come a long way from its early days as a cover up for men with thinning hair. Today the demographic is not 'men of a certain age' at all. Younger men and more and more women are taking control of their look and style and making use of today’s technology in ways unthinkable just a few years ago.

Hair replacement has actually become less talked about the more it advances. That's because today’s systems are for all intents and purposes invisible. You don't detect the better prosthetic hair lines, so you don't see or talk about them. To us, new hair today is a positive, proactive decision that helps people feel and look great. When you look good, you feel good and having a great hairstyle really gives that glowing feeling. A receding or thinning hair line even has the power to undermine anyone's confidence. There is a lot to be said about that youthful sensation from a full head of hair.

Gone is the day of old bulky hairpieces and wigs. The leading manufacturers of prosthetic hair are now developing state of the art designs that simply put, luck and feel like your God-given head of hair. Hair, the way you want it, anytime. Today's thinner bases allow a finished style that are more natural than your original growth hair. Proper suggestions on design, color, density, curl and fit all help clients enter a new era of comfort with confidence.

There are many options to wearing non-surgical hair the easiest serviceable is daily-wear where the client controls how to wear their "new hair." This type of wear-ability is totally managed by the individual's decision.

The bonding option is more of a permanent wear where the hair system is attached to the scalp where the growth hair is thinnest and integrated with the natural hair side and back. This type of wear requires more professional service and maintenance.

So as a lesson to anyone with thinning or balding hair, there are options and possibilities to bring back that youthful look and feeling with a new head of hair. Possibly they could consult with a professional studio and become more familiar with different hair wearing options. "Seeing is Believing" is a good motto when exploring any personal purchase.

Bill Calvitti is a trained trichologist and owner of Hair Solutions, a full service hair replacement studio in Cedar Grove (

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