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Stress and Hair Loss

Bill Calvitti - Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Research has shown that stress undoubtedly affects the hair cycle and that losing your hair can cause stress.  However, which one triggers the other?

Under most circumstances, increased hair shedding occurs between 6 and 16 weeks after the trigger has occurred.  But most people attribute an increase in hair shedding to what happened yesterday or last week and not a couple of months ago.

However, although it is difficult to pinpoint a specific stress episode as the cause of hair loss, there is evidence that acute and/or chronic stress may precipitate certain hair loss conditions.  Many researchers believe that stress could trigger hormones and genetic hair loss.  They also believe that the skin becomes more sensitive to the effects of testosterone during stress thus increasing the chances of hair loss.

"Patch" hair loss also has been connected to stress episodes.  As a result of experiencing any type of hair loss, people who are losing their hair tend to become very worried about the consequences.  In many cases, people have even become introverted and withdrawn, due to the worry of losing their hair.

According to studies, we could, therefore, find that stress can cause hair loss and hair loss can cause stress.  So what should you do?  The first and most important thing initially is to find out why your hair is falling out by consultation with a hair loss specialist.  If stress is a factor, it is possible to start a stress reduction program, such as an exercise regime and/or relaxation techniques.  It may not cure your hair loss by itself but it may help.

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