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Moisture and Hair - Why It Matters

Bill Calvitti - Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simply put, moisture is the single most important factor in determining the way your hair looks.  When the moisture level in your hair drops, it will begin to look and feel brittle like straw as opposed to supple, green grass.  A good moisture level is the difference between a fresh slice of bread and the one left on the counter for three days.  The slightest pressure will cause breakage and damage, mostly by aggressive brushing and combing while blow-drying.

Moisture also increases the strength of your hair drastically.   Tests have shown that plain water is as effective in strengthening your hair as any conditioner or leave-in moisturizer.  It just won’t remain in the hair as long.  Conditioners evaporate at a slower pace and contribute to the strength of your hair for a longer time and will leave deposits that could accumulate on your hair with repeated applications.

Finding a light, natural conditioner and applying it conscientiously are two great steps to add and keep moisture present in your hair.  Rinse with luke warm water.  Hot water is the enemy to your hair and skin.  Occasionally use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove excess conditioner and hair product buildup.

As with any other beauty aids, always ask your stylist for a recommendation of products, particularly for your hair.

Bill Calvitti is a trained trichologist and owner of Hair Solutions, a full service hair replacement studio in Cedar Grove (

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